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Greek myths describe Zeus Melisseas being fed by bees at Ideo Adro in Crete as well as Apollo feeding exclusively on nectar and ambrosia. It is a product whose history begins from the ancient years. At that time, it was often used as an offering to the gods, while ambrosia, which gave immortality to the twelve gods, was said to contain royal jelly. Hippocrates and Dioscorides highlight its nutritional and medicinal value in their writings. It is rich in carbs, trace minerals, protein, amino acids, enzymes and vitamin B complex. It is considered to be a source of energy and rejuvenation for the human body thanks to its nutrients. Also, it is nourishing for the skin, as it accelerates tissue renewal. Honey is the most remarkable natural sweetener and a spoon has 60-65 calories. It is worth trying, as it will benefit you.

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